Bob and Pam Stelter

Missionaries with FamilyLife ~ with gratefulness for our Team of Ministry Partners

Our Call

Scripture describes God's call upon many people in many ways for many purposes. One description given is in those still and quiet moments such as 1 Kings 19 - "...the Lord was not in the wind...the Lord was not in the earthquake...the Lord was not in the fire...(then) came a gentle whisper...Elijah heard it...and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave."

For Bob, a quiet moment arrived in March of 2010.  It was after the conclusion of a Weekend To Remember in Omaha.  All the guests had departed and all the resources had been boxed up ready to go back to Little Rock.

Walking through an empty ballroom and giving thanks to the Lord for His fruitful work and the privilege of joining Him in that work, a distinct sense became clear.  Witnessing 130 people (out of the 670 who were in attendance) indicate receiving the Good News of Jesus Christ, the time had come to decide to devote ourselves fully to this ministry of marriage, of family and of The Gospel.  Of course, the first person Bob talked with about this was Pam.

Pam's "ballroom moment" arrived two weeks later in Lincoln, but in a filled ballroom.  During the open-microphone time at the conclusion of this Weekend To Remember, it was one woman's testimony in particular that brought 500+ other guests to their feet applauding (!) and affirmed in Pam's heart the path we would now follow. 

A nudge became an unmistakable call for both Bob and Pam.  It was time to choose to join FamilyLife on a full-time basis.