Bob and Pam Stelter

Missionaries with FamilyLife ~ with gratefulness for our Team of Ministry Partners

Bob & Pam

God brought both of us into this world in 1968 - Pam in Lincoln, NE and Bob in North Hollywood, CA.

Our meeting occurred in the spring of 1988 while Bob was attending UNL and competing for the gymnastics team.  An early encounter between us was Bob inviting Pam to watch the Huskers compete at the NCAA Championships.  The Huskers won in 1988 and again in 1990.  After stepping away from gymnastics, Bob and Pam were married in 1993 and relocated to Bob's home land in Southern CA. 



Coming To Christ

Working in retail management, not long after the birth of our daughter, we relocated back to Omaha where God brought us a son.  Another move to the Kansas City area led to yet another move to Lincoln, NE.  All of this in about 6 years...whew!

Having changed jobs in Lincoln and the children well into toddler ages, Bob began to realize a need.  A book by James Dobson, The Strong-Willed Child, began a work in Bob's heart.  It was during the summer of 2002 while reading a book by Ravi Zacharias, Can Man Live Without God, Bob came to know the reality and Truth of Jesus Christ!  The Lord used these little Stelters to draw both of us into His arms.  

I Still Do Seminar Ignites Eagerness 

Pam describes this as "where Christ met our marriage". For Bob, having recently received the Truth of Jesus Christ, this event was undoubtedly an indwelling of God's Holy Spirit.

The spiritual feeding that we received was encouraging to the point that we discussed the possibility of becoming involved with Family some point . The nudge was strong and the journey began right away.

HomeBuilders - We began hosting small group studies in 2003 and still enjoy this encouragement with fellow believers.

Weekend To Remember - In March of 2003, we attended our first Weekend To Remember getaway in Omaha inviting several others to go with us. Noticing that Omaha hosted two WTR events, we saw a need - Lincoln should have its own WTR.

Improving Communication Seminar - In October of 2004; Bob, Pam and several others coordinated a FamilyLife Seminar in their church with nearly 60 people attending.

Weekend To Remember Seminar - In October of 2005, we worked with a team of volunteers and help from local churches and ministries to host this event in which more than 300 people attended; many sharing that they made important spiritual decisions.

During this Seminar, speaker Ray McKelvy shared with Bob, "I wouldn't be surprised to see you doing this full time soon". That seed needed some time to grow and seeing God work in ways such as the seminar comment below certainly kept the fire going:

"Life changing and a miracle from God. We went from a 1 to a 10, from a potential divorce to a positive future. God is great, thank you for being His angel sent with His message!"

Weekend To Remember Marriage Getaway - In March of 2007, Lincoln welcomed back this event, after about a 15 year absence.  Now volunteering with the official FamilyLife City Ministry Team, we were helping with events in Lincoln and Omaha.  The Weekend To Remember is a Friday evening through Sunday morning event held at hotels across the country with approximately 60,000 people attending each year.  This event is for ALL marriages and even engaged couples.  Visit for more information. 

Contact us if you would like to register at a discounted rate with our group, or learn how you can create your own group and go FREE if five couples go with you.