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Weekend To Remember - StelterHome Group Savings

FamilyLife's Weekend To Remember Getaways are held all across the country throughout the year.  Click here for locations and dates. 

What is a Weekend To Remember?

Held in hotel ballrooms across the country, each getaway runs from Friday evening through mid-day Sunday.  What you and your spouse will hear during the Weekend to Remember is the result of more than three decades of biblical research by a team of men and women who distilled what it takes to have a successful marriage and family.  The key to this success is found in God's blueprints - His design for marriage and family.  The speakers will show you exactly how to pursue a marriage that really works through stories of their own breakthroughs and blunders.  During the weekend, you will learn how to: 

  • Receive your spouse as a gift from God
  • Clarify your role as a husband or wife
  • Resolve conflict in the relationship
  • Maintain a vital sexual connection
  • Express forgiveness to one another
  • Increase your commitment, creating an even deeper level of intimacy

You'll leave the weekend enriched in your relationship with God and one another.  You'll leave the weekend with encouragement, hope, and practical tools to build and grow your marriage.  That’s why it's called a Weekend to Remember.  Click here to read stories of how lives have been impacted through FamilyLife and the Weekend To Remember.

Three Ways To Register:

Save $100!  Regular rate is $300, but under our Group, the registration is $200/couple.

  • Click here to select your preferred event and register online - once you've selected an event, simply input "stelterhome" in the Group Name field
  • Call (800) FL-TODAY and provide our Group Name, "stelterhome"
  • Click here to download and print a form to register through the mail

For further details about the Weekend, visit

FamilyLife's Art of Parenting - "Like Arrows"

FamilyLife's Art of Parenting video series will be released in the spring of 2018.  It's an eight session video series designed for small group use.  It will also be available for parents to watch on their own if they choose. 

The eight sessions will apply to parents in every stage of the parenting process.  Additionally, there will be on-line resources for parents to access that will help them apply the “AOP” principles to specific ages and stages of parenting.   

Connected to the series, there is additional online content continuing story of a couple as they go from expecting their first child to their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  That six part story will also be available as a feature length film called "Like Arrows."  

The movie will premier in local theaters for a special "two night only" event in May of 2018.  Next fall, local churches will be able to use the film as a kick off event for launching the AOP series in their church.  And the film will be available for consumers to buy or rent beginning in November of 2018. 

The series is still in production.  As well received and widely used as “The Art of Marriage” has been since its launch, The Art of Parenting may similarly impact the homes of millions in the coming years.  Please join us in praying over the launch of this resource for God’s glory.  

Art of Marriage ~ TBD (Friday Evening & Saturday)

The Art of Marriage is a video experience consisting of six video sessions that combine dramatic stories, real-life testimonies, expert interviews, humorous vignettes and other teaching methods to lay out God’s design for marriage in a fresh, engaging way.  Whether you are engaged, newly married or married for many years, you will be encouraged through examining God's purpose for marriage, communication and conflict, husband and wife roles, intimacy in marriage and leaving a godly legacy.  Each person attending receives a Manual containing projects to help you apply the principles taught in each session, augmented by dozens of articles and additional content to help you dive deeper.

Event Details  

  • When: Dates; Friday evening (6:30 - 9), Saturday (9 am - 3:30 pm)
  • Where: Location
  • Registration: $60 per couple, includes manual for each person and lunch on Saturday
  • Register - Mail registration form with check payable to (name)
  • Questions - Contact Bob or Pam Stelter (402-304-3987;
Men Stepping Up - 10 Week Series - One Day Event

The Stepping Up One Day Video Event and 10 Week Series uses DVD-based messages combined with small group interaction and personal reflection that bring home truths about biblical manhood. Dennis Rainey hosts the four sessions that focus on defining manhood, living courageously, building a life of faith, and stepping up to lead. Featured experts Robert Lewis, Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll, Voddie Baucham, and others lend expertise in engaging video sessions that include dramatic stories, humorous vignettes, man-on-the-street interviews, and expert teaching.

10 Week Series, advance registration needed: 

  • When: Day of week, times AM or PM, starting date
  • Where: Location
  • Registration: $17.50 per person for Workbook, registration deadline date
  • Register: Call (402-304-3987) or email ( Bob for details

10 Week Series topics include:

Session One: A Call to Courage/ What Robs a Man of Courage
Session Two: The Five Steps (Part One: Boyhood/Adolescence)
Session Three: The Five Steps (Part Two: Manhood/Mentor/Patriarch)
Session Four: The Power to Step Up
Session Five: Am I Stepping Up? Part One: Stand Firm
Session Six: Am I Stepping Up? Part Two: Men Take Initiative
Session Seven: Am I Stepping Up? Part Three: Men Engage with Wisdom and Grace
Session Eight: Am I Stepping Up? Part Four: Men Plan ahead and Provide
Session Nine: Having a Vision for Your Marriage and Family
Session Ten: Having a Vision for Your World

Super Saturday Event, advance registration needed: 

  • When: Month/Day, Saturday (9 am - 4:30 pm)
  • Where: Location
  • Registration: $35 per person, includes a manual and lunch
  • Register: How to register